With a strong focus on supplying the freshest pork available, SunPork Fresh Foods is at the forefront of continuous product innovation and technology adaptations to ensure progress within the overarching SunPork Group.

As the Sales and Marketing business unit of one of Australia’s largest, recognised integrated pork supply chains, we can consistently service and supply all key market segments of Retail, Foodservice, Wholesale and Export. We enjoy strong, long term and progressive working relationships with key business partners both across Australia and in strategic export markets.

We provide food that is tasty, healthy, fresh and convenient to ensure our customers enjoy a consistently premium product each and every time.

Depending on the customer’s individual situation, we can supply fresh chilled or frozen product, cut and packed to specification, in cartons or in bulk from our Kingaroy processing facility in Queensland. We also produce and market a growing range of delicious, high quality value added pork products for specific markets and customers.

We are owned by three Queensland farming families who all have a long association with the pork industry and care about its future, as they do their farms, staff and animals under their care. They reinvest in the business to ensure that we will continue to serve the country great tasting, fresh, nutritious, and innovative pork products for many years to come.