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Barkers Creek Premium Pork – exceptionally delicious … exclusively Food Service

Food Service

Barkers Creek Premium Pork – exceptionally delicious … exclusively Food Service

The competition to attract customers to your Restaurant or Hotel is fierce, especially with so many choices available. That’s why serving something special and out of the ordinary is so important to keep your clients coming back again and again. Barkers Creek Premium Pork is exclusively available to Food Service customers and provides an out of the ordinary eating experience that will have your customers singing the praises of your kitchen.

Barkers Creek Premium Pork is selected from the best local fresh Australian pork. Depending on the cut, our pork is Moisture Infused to guarantee a tender and tasty eating experience every time. All our Barkers Creek Pork is available Chilled or Blast Frozen to lock in the freshness and ensure the perfect eating experience.

Our fresh Australian pork is Portion Controlled to assist your inventory control while satisfying customer demand. Barkers Creek Premium Pork can be purchased fresh or frozen, allowing you maximum flexibility with stock holding and planning.

Barker’s Creek King Rib Cutlets, Pork Leg Roasts and Slow Cooked Pork Belly are some of our most often requested lines – all are moisture infused and produced from our local fresh Australian pork. All are exclusive to our Food Service customers.

For pork on your menu that will have your customers coming back again and again, try offering Barkers Creek Premium Pork.

All our Australian pork can be traced back to the production run and even the farm where it was grown due to our investment in the science of Physi–Trace. This gives us and you the additional guarantee of quality with traceability. We can guarantee the origin of our premium quality Australian pork.

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