Fresh Australian Pork

Pork Cuts

Australian cuts of pork along with their location on the animal.

Pork Cuts


Leg Roast Easy Carve Leg Roast Leg Steaks Mini Roast
Leg Roast EasyCarveLegRoast Leg Steaks Mini Roast
Traditional bone-in roast Smaller leg roast without the bone Great for grilling, barbequing or pan frying Suitable for 2-3 people – ideal for a midweek roast


 Hock Shank
Ideal for slow cooking in either Asian or European Styles


 Pork Fillet
versatile prime


Cutlet Loin Steaks Rolled Loin Butterfly Steak Loin Chop Loin Rack
Cutlet Loin Steaks Rolled Loin Butterfly Steak Loin Chop Loin Rack
Premium loin cut suited to pan frying, grilling or barbequing Premium pork steak, similar to a loin chop without the bone Premium boneless roast, can be sized to suit Versatile double loin steak Great barbequed, grilled or pan fried Outstanding dinner party favourite, with or without crackling


Belly U.S Style Spare Ribs Spare Ribs Rolled Belly
Belly US-StyleSpareRibs SpareRibs RolledBelly
Succulent and tender, either slow roasted or braised Traditional U.S style, delicious on the grill or BBQ Great marinated, barbequed or slow roasted Excellent value alternative roast. Succulent and rich flavour


Forequarter Roast Easy Carve Shoulder Scotch Fillet Roast Forequarter Chop Scotch Fillet Steak
ForequarterRoast Easy Carve Leg Roast ScotchFilletRoast ForequarterChop ScotchFilletSteak
Traditional bone-in roast Great value boneless roast Economical roast with great flavour and tenderness Large chop, great for barbequing or grilling Economical steak with great flavour and tenderness


Mince Stir Fry Strips Diced
Mince StirFryStrips Diced
A must for authentic bolognese. Tasty alternative to regular mince The original stir fry meat. Great for Asian style dishes Generally used for casserole or stir frying

Pork Cuts Guide

Australian Pork Cuts
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