SunPork Fresh Foods History

Our History

SunPork Fresh Foods is proudly Australian farmer owned & operated

Our History

Sunpork Fresh Foods is a Sales and Marketing company dedicated to bringing to market the finest quality fresh Australian pork. We are proudly Australian owned and operated.

We are the product of a collaboration between 3 dedicated Queensland farmers who wanted to ensure the fine quality of their produce was protected all the way from their farm gates to your dinner plate.

To achieve this ambition they took control of the production and supply of their fresh pork to Supermarkets, Wholesalers and Butchers dedicated to bringing only the finest quality products to their customers.

The farms are located in the lush pasturelands of South East Queensland, including the Darling Downs. Our processing is established in the same area so all pork is delivered to our customers as fresh as possible.

Our quality pork is now in demand for Export, Wholesale, Foodservice and Retail sales customers.

If you’d like to experience this exceptional quality pork at home, have a look for our SunPork, Seven Mile Premium Pork and Barkers Creek brands in Woolworths, Independent Grocery Stores, Butchers and Restaurants.

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