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Healthy farming, healthy products, healthy eating

Our Technology

SunPork Fresh Foods works closely with our partners to provide excellence in all facets of the supply chain


Animal Welfare

Our farms all operate under a group housing environment which gives each animal space and social involvement


Food Safety

We apply our own stringent health regulations across all aspects of growth and production.


Helping Communities

SunPork is committed to helping communities by increasing job opportunities and working to maintain the future of the pork industry.

With a thriving industry, we can continue to support jobs along various sectors of the supply chain. We are owned by three Queensland farming families who all have a long association with the pork industry and care about its future, as they do their farms, staff and animals under their care.

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Swickers, Kingaroy

Autism and Agriculture

Autism and Agriculture is a world-first initiative of SunPork Farms and the Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism (Autism CRC) that will employ adults with autism in animal care.

The Autism and Agriculture pilot program has the potential to enhance the human resources capability of the agricultural industry both in Australia and internationally.

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